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December 1, 2020

Terms you should know when talking to your development agency.

Our clients have lots of questions about what stuff means and how the whole software development workflow works. You might try and google it but if you google development terms you will be bombarded with even more development terms. But don’t worry here are some of other most common unknown terms (in order).

1. Front-end vs Back-end

We use these terms the most but a lot of clients don’t really understand exactly what they mean. Let me first start out with front-end, this is a general term for all of the code that the end-user interacts with for example all the text and images that you see on this page is being displayed by front-end code. Few things to note about the front-end, it is not secure meaning there is not login code or permission logic in it. Front-end code also entirely runs on the users computer.

Back-end tends to have 2 meanings the first meaning is in reference to an admin panel or a place where site admins login (we tend to call this the dashboard). The other meaning, and the one we probably mean, is the code that runs on the server. This code handles all of the database changes and logic that has to be secure such as login, signup, or billing.

2. Database

This is the place where all of your application’s data is stored. You might hear terms such as MySQL or MongoDB these are simply just different types of databases.

3. API

An API is just a way for two separate programs to communicate for instance we would use an API if we had to integrate with one of your existing systems such as a calendar application.

4. Cache

Caching is a vital part of the web and it means short-term data. When we use this we are most likely talking about your browser cache and it’s probably why you aren’t seeing some of your updates to your website.

5. CMS

Content Management System is just a term for the back-end code that manages all of the content for your application.

6. SEO

SEO stands for  Search Engine Optimization and it’s the practice that helps your website rank higher in the google search ratings.

These are the most common unknown terms that we run into and hopefully, this list helps communicate with your development team.

Written by : cameron

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